Västra – Logården

Just south of Sweden’s largest lake, Vänern, our trial station Logården is located. Logården owns around 270 hectare of arable land that surrounds the premises, this is leased out to four nearby farmers. We work closely with the tenants and place more than half of our total experimental volume in this area. Having the trials in our own fields means we know the land and the crops, this benefiting all trials.

The weather at Logården is somewhat evened out due to the close distance to Vänern resulting in a longer trial season.

Most GEP trials performed in this region is in cereals, followed by other major crops and horticultural crops.

Common crops that we perform GEP trials in, in this region;

  • Cereals, such as triticale, wheat, barley and oat (Winter and spring)
  • Oil seed rape (Winter and spring)
  • Pulse