Sjuhärad – Rådde Gård

As the crow flies the distance between our trial station Rådde Gård in Länghem, Sjuhärad, and Göteborg, Sweden’s second largest city at its west, is approximately 82 kilometres long.

Rådde Gård is sited on a till soil with sandy loam and is the perfect location for cultivation of grass ley and the trial station has therefore this as one of there specialization areas for GEP trials.

Here we also perform GEP trials in cereals and woodland.

Almost all GEP trials in grass ley and cereals that are performed here is placed on Rådde Gårds own fields. This in combination with high quality equipment, modern facilities and great experience provides you with well executed and reliable GEP trials.


Common crops that we perform GEP trials in, in this region;

  • Grass ley
  • Cereals, such as wheat, barley and oat (Winter and spring)
  • Forestry