Our Swedish Trial Stations

We have seven Swedish co-operators with trial stations on 10 different locations. We perform GEP trials, and GLP studies, in the agricultural areas of Sweden, from Scania (south) to Uppsala county (north). 


At HUSEC we value diversity, believing it makes us stronger. In our organisation you can find personnel from different backgrounds and from multiple connecting areas to the agricultural sector, such as biology, horticulture, molecular genetics and entomology.
We also believe in investing in our personnel, and we have a strong focus on developing further competence, and having recurring experienced staff for each trial season. And of course, we have a big focus on the security of our personnel, where we strategically work with the working environment, both in and out of the field.


All of our trial stations have their own specific focus, taking advantage of local conditions and the experience of local farmers and agricultural practitioners.
We invest in high quality equipment made especially for field trials, securing trial reliability and exact results for your field trials.


With ten trial stations in all major agricultural areas of Sweden and co-operators in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic, we find and provide our clients the perfect trial location.
Looking for the perfect location to place your trials? – contact us!