High-quality GEP field trials

Since the start of HUSEC, in 2008, we have delivered well-documented and high-quality GEP field trials. Today we have ten own trial stations in Sweden all performing GEP trials. With our European partners in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic we perform GEP field trials in large parts of Europe.

We have extensive experience performing high-quality GEP field trials in agricultural crops, as well as in forestry, horticultural crops, or concerning golf courses.


From start to finish, we provide our clients with experience and local knowledge! From planning the trials through the design, set up, performance of the trial to evaluating the results, reporting and registration applications. Of course, in the process accommodating individual requirements.

Throughout the season we frequently report the trial development to our customers, through the program they select, most often ARM. Our costumers are also able to follow the trial results in real time through our database. This is a great way for our customers to get an overview of trial progress.


We provide high-quality GEP field trials, well conducted and documented, all performed in accordance with EPPO guidelines. The most common kind of GEP trials that our clients ask for are selectivity and efficacy trials.

We are accredited to conduct GEP field trials (Good Experimental Practice) and GLP studies (Good Laboratory Practice) within the crop protection area by SWEDAC.



We are accredited for GEP trials and approved to perform GLP studies within the crop protection area by Swedac, the Swedish Accreditation Authority.