New and strengthened HUSEC

Since the first of January 2021 HUSEC together with Hushållningssällskapet Östergötland has entered a new collaboration. This partnership brings expanded competence, making it possible to carry out more GEP trials, as well as smaller and more niche trials in Sweden and Europe.

“The collaboration involves an investment in Swedish field trial operations and HUSEC will be the obvious player in terms of high-quality field trials,” says Iréne Kamnert, Business Manager for HUSEC, part of Hushållningssällskapet Skåne.

We are now, 13 years since the start in 2008, taking a new and visionary step forward with this new collaboration. The collaboration strengthens HUSEC and we continue to invest in our most important task – to strengthen Swedish experimental operations and carry out high-quality GEP field trials. It also enables HUSEC to receive and perform more GEP trials in Europe. With an expanded working group come larger trial series but also smaller and more specialized trials as our cutting-edge expertise are strengthened. We offer our customers services throughout the registration process, from planning to registration application.

“The goal – to be the leading player in field trials and related activities in Sweden and Europe! “- says Sven-Åke Rydell, Manager of Sales and Marketing