Accredited and approved


HUSEC is accredited to conduct GEP trials (Good Experimental Practice) active in the northern zone with co-operators in large parts of Sweden, Finland and Latvia. We provide high-quality GEP trials, well conducted and documented, we carry out trials in all commercial crops, both in outdoor fields, semi-fields and in greenhouses. Our trials are performed in accordance with EPPO guidelines. We are accredited by SWEDAC.



HUSEC is approved to perform GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) studies within the crop protection area and are providing these services with high quality field residues studies, well conducted and documented. All our GLP studies are performed in accordance with OECD principles. We are approved by SWEDAC.


GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)

Husec is approved by SWEDAC to carry out GLP (good laboratory practice) studies for “residue trials” in Sweden.

GEP (Good Experimental Practice)

HUSECs main activity is performing high quality GEP trials in large parts of Europe.