About HUSEC – high quality field trials

Hushållningssällskapet has performed high quality field trials for over 200 years. Since the start of HUSEC back in 2008 we have evolved and grown, both in the number of trials we conduct annually, but also in experienced personnel and locations where we perform field trials. HUSEC performes high-quality field trials in large parts of Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Today we conduct GEP trials and GLP-studies in both major and minor crops, accredited by SWEDAC. We have a well-defined strategy where we strive to be the best partner for our customers.

Every year during the trial season around 70-80 personnel within Hushållningssällskapet are working with HUSEC performing trials all over Sweden. We take pride in the work we during this highly intense period and feel success when we have seasonal employees coming back every year. This we believe is due to great leadership, team effort and pride in our work and is what makes the foundation of our core values here at HUSEC: competence, quality and flexibility.

In addition to our own trial stations we also have European partners, in Finland, Lattvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. All of our partners are accredited to perform GEP trials.
Through our unique network of trial stations we perform large trial series, placing each trial in the perfect location.

The closest team within HUSEC have background and expertise from plant protection, agriculture, entomology, horticulture and plant science (enabling us to stand on multiple legs). Read more about the HUSEC personnel here.



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GEP (Good Experimental Practice)

HUSECs main activity is performing high quality GEP trials in large parts of Europe.


We are accredited for GEP trials and approved to perform GLP studies within the crop protection area by Swedac, the Swedish Accreditation Authority.