GEP/GLP applications 2024


Spring season is approaching fast, and we are of course prepared to support you in the best possible way. Our field stations, with highly competent personnel and local knowledge, located over a large part of the agricultural areas in Sweden make it possible for us to locate and place your field trials in areas that give the best conditions for your specific trials. We have vast experience performing field trials in agricultural crops, as well as in forestry and horticultural crops.

In addition to this, we have excellent equipment, for example our technically advanced plot sprayers that establish the base for precision and high quality in our trials, as well as safety for our personnel. In addition to traditional evaluation types, we offer assessments using drones, with multispectral (NDVI) recordings or normal camera. (Check out the photos in the attached file.)

Do let us know if you need help with BADs, product labels or similar product texts! We are here to assist.

We are accredited by SWEDAC (The Swedish Accreditation Authority) to conduct GEP field trials as well as performing GLP studies.

We also have collaborations outside Sweden so we can take care of your trials in Latvia and Finland as well.


Looking forward to supporting you this season!


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